Workplace Travel Service: ULEV Experience

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Key Features

  • Fleet reviews
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Events & Business Engagement

Welcome to the Workplace Travel Service: ULEV Experience, a programme dedicated to supporting businesses to understand, trial and implement low emission vehicle technology, funded by Nottingham City Council’s Go Ultra Low City project.

The ULEV Experience offers businesses and the public sector:

  • Fully Funded Fleet Reviews worth up to £11,000, helping you understand if low emission vehicle technology is right for you
  • Low Emission Vehicle Loans with 20+ different makes and models available to use for up to one month
  • Events & Business Engagement programme to help you learn more about ULEVs, and identify if there are any benefits for your business. They are all free to attend!

An Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) is a car or van that emits 75g/km CO2 or less. ULEVs include pure electric vehicles, range-extended electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).

The ULEV experience is open to all businesses and public sector organisations that have a presence, or operate, in the city of Nottingham.

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Case Study

ULEV Experience: Case Studies

Business in Nottingham are already benefitting greatly from using low emission vehicles in their everyday operations.

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Why should I get involved?

By engaging with the ULEV Experience, businesses and public sector organisations can:

  • Save money on running company vehicles
  • Reduce company CO2 emissions
  • Improve air quality (primarily NOx and particulates) in Nottingham
  • Try ULEVs before considering purchasing them
  • Adopt vehicles better suited to your organisation’s needs
  • Learn how to successfully introduce ULEVs through our events programme

Contact us to book a Fleet Review, or learn more about ULEV Fleet Experience Loan or Event

The ULEV Experience project is funded by Nottingham City Council’s Go Ultra Low Programme and is delivered by a consortium of Cenex, Automotive Comms, CleanTech Business, DriveElectric, Energy Saving Trust, and The Big Wheel.



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