In December Nottingham City Council installed temporary bollards to enforce the experimental 6pm – 6am traffic restriction on Broad Street, Carlton Street and Heathcoat Street. The aim of which was to stop unauthorised traffic in the evenings and create a more pedestrian friendly environment.

Now that the scheme has been in place for several months, the temporary bollards are in need of replacement. On 7 May we will be replacing them with harder wearing bollards that are better in keeping with the aesthetics of the area.

We will also be installing a bell bollard outside the historic Fothergill building on George Street to protect this iconic landmark from vehicle damage.

We will not be making any changes to the traffic restriction at this time, any changes to traffic restrictions will only be made after consultation with local residents and businesses.


Works detail

Works will begin Monday 7 May and finish Friday 11 May.

Monday 7 May – 6pm to 11pm

Tuesday 8 May – 7.30am – 3.30pm and then 6pm to 11pm

Wednesday 9 May – 7.30am – 3.30pm and then 6pm to 11pm

Thursday 10 May – 7.30am – 3.30pm and then 6pm to 11pm

Friday 11 May – 7.30am – 3.30pm


If you have any questions or comments contact:
0115 8765249