⚡🚘 Electric update – August

Electric taxi charging at Spondon Street

Since the start of the year charge points on our network have been used 569 times and the number of users is growing every day. The project has delivered 5 megawatts of electricity since January – that’s enough power to drive a Nissan Leaf to Australia… AND BACK! 🦘🇦🇺

It’s been great to see an increase in the usage of the existing charge points, and work to install the next wave has been progressing over the summer, with more rapid chargers coming online.

What’s changed?

There are new charging points at three sites, adding two more rapid and two fast chargers to our network.

  • At Queens Drive Park & Ride the broken rapid charge point has been replaced with a 50 kW Rapid Ultracharger.
  • At the Spondon Street car park a rapid charger has been installed
  • Two fast chargers have been installed at Colwick Park & Ride site, with four sockets that are now available for use. Two more sockets are coming soon so there will be plenty of charging options on site.

 Sites under construction

 Work is underway at four more sites:

  • Harvey Hadden sports centre – most enabling works are now complete and installation of seven fast chargers (14 sockets) are expected by late September/early October.
  • The Rapid chargers at Nottingham Tennis Centre, Gilead Street car park and Holborn Place car park are currently being tested. Works are expected to be complete in early September.
  • Sneinton Market – further electrical works are required for the installation of four fast chargers (eight sockets). Completion date expected in mid-October.
  • Works to improve power connections at Birchover Community Centre, Snapewood Community Centre, and Clifton Leisure Centre is underway before rapid chargers can be installed, we hope the charger will be available for use by November.

Coming next

These sites have been approved but we’re just waiting for dates for work to begin.

  • Clifton South Park & Ride: 8 fast sockets and 1 rapid
  • Forest Park & Ride: 5 Fast sockets
  • Wilkinson Street Park & Ride: 26 fast sockets and 1 rapid
  • Djanogly Community Leisure Centre: 2 fast sockets
  • Land adjacent to DG Taxis Trent Lane: 1 rapid
  • Nottingham Arena Car Park: 10 fast sockets.

D2N2 network

You can now register here for your D2N2 card to get the preferential rate of 20p/kWh across our whole network. Alternatively, you can register via POLAR here if the discounted rate is not your preference. You can now also use PAYG with a contactless card to make your payment in the newly installed rapids without having to sign up, use an app or RFID card.