Get cycling with Women in Tandem

June 24, 2024

Travel Well case study

Get cycling with Women in Tandem

The team recently met with local resident, Iryna, to hear about their experience attending Travel Well activities provided by Women in Tandem.

How did you hear about Travel Well?

I heard about Travel Well in Women in Tandem Group ride, and I am grateful for funding this group.

How did you find out about the Travel Well – Women in Tandem Group Ride?

I came to Nottingham in September 2022 as a researcher at risk from Ukraine. In Nottingham, I decided to buy a second-hand bicycle for commuting to work and the Ukrainian cultural centre but I didn’t have a lot of experience with cycling. So I encountered some issues with planning routes, fixing a bike and riding in the city. I found the basic maintenance class from Women in Tandem and all their events on Facebook. After visiting the class for the first time I realised that this group is perfect for me and I stayed with them for more than one year.

What did you think of the ride?

Riding with Women in Tandem became my regular activity. I became more confident on the road, learnt the main cycling routes, visited many parks and green areas and met interesting people. I even went to the gravel cycling camp in the Lake District the previous weekend, which was impossible for me before. I am grateful to Women in Tandem for all the rides and experiences which I received. Lily as the Women in Tandem director created a very warm and supportive atmosphere in the community, and everyone felt comfortable. Rides helped me adapt to the new city and reduce my stress.

What’s your favourite thing about cycling?

I like cycling with the Women in Tandem Group because it is a great opportunity to get to know the area, enjoy nature, meet people and exercise at the same time.

How can others get referred to Travel Well or find out more about what is happening in their area?

I subscribed to the Facebook, Instagram and Eventbrite pages of Women in Tandem and received all the information about cycling events in Nottingham. There is more information about Travel Well events here.

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