Community protection team on driving electric

Three members of REACT with their electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming an integral part of Nottingham City Council’s fleet, with over 30% of our vehicles being fully electric.

Marcus Hall, Compliance & Fraud Officer, manages the misuse and abuse of the National disabled Blue Badge Scheme and Local Parking Permit Schemes, as well as maintaining road markings and signs on behalf of the Community Protection Parking Enforcement teams. Marcus has been driving an e-NV200 electric van. He said:

“The driving experience is good, seamless and smooth. There is good torque from the moment you put your foot down, so the van feels nippy and nimble around the city and the instant response of the electric motor and the single-gear ratio means it’s simple to drive in a city-centre traffic jam. Road noise is present, but only because there is nothing else to drown it out!”

The Regulation Enforcement and Compliance Team (REACT) have been using two 2020 Renault Zoes and two 2017 Nissan Leafs to carry out patrols across Nottingham, ensuring the free movement of traffic.Three fleet electric vehicles

A fully charged Nissan Leaf gives a range of nearly 100 miles of urban use, providing the team with the space, comfort and range for an entire shift. The team report that there is plenty of room for four adults with a boot space large enough for first aid kits, enforcement materials and other gear.

The Renault Zoe is used for longer shifts with a 200 mile range from full charge. The size, power and manoeuvrability is exceptional for city centre driving, whilst still offering the comfort for longer journeys.

REACT has said that driving electric vehicles gives the team the opportunity to conduct their patrols whilst doing their part to tackle air pollution.

Some benefits of driving an electric vehicle include:

  • Reduced running and maintenance costs
  • Reduced harmful exhaust emissions
  • Improves air quality across Nottingham
  • Convenience of the growing number of charge points across the city
  • Over 200 miles on a single charge depending on the model
  • Easy and comfortable to drive