Connecting Jobseekers to employment through cycling

Jobseeker clients attending a led ride

Sustrans are working in partnership with Nottingham City Council to address local issues such as unemployment and barriers to sustainable travel options by providing a ‘Jobseeker Personalised Travel Planning’ service. The purpose of the project is to provide individuals with skills and confidence to travel cheaply, actively and sustainably whilst on the hunt for employment.

What does the support package offer?

Jobseekers are provided with a free reconditioned bike. A cycle assessment is then conducted to provide people with appropriate training and support. Once they’re geared and ready to go, they are taken on a led ride to Nottingham Bikeworks for an interactive and informative bike maintenance course.

What are the benefits?

 The jobseeker support package encourages people to start cycling, build confidence and raises awareness on sustainable travel. As a result of the project many people have become resilient and regular cyclists, with over 200 jobseekers accessing cycle services.

“It broadened my options quite a lot, I was able start new training courses and then able to volunteer after the course.” Nick – Jobseeker client

“Unemployed clients involved in the project use our services to get involved in cycling as a cheap healthy way to get to access job opportunities. It widens the range of jobs they can apply for across the city as they have a new faster, reliable mode of transport.” Lily – Nottingham BikeWorks

Who is eligible?

The project is specifically aimed at people who are actively seeking employment, training, and apprenticeships within Nottingham and Derby.

How do you get the offer?

Sustrans are reaching out to communities by attending job fairs, holding Dr. Bike events in areas where unemployment is prominent and collaborating with local organisations across the city. Travel planning officers then provide one-one-one support to identify the client’s needs and explore affordable ways to travel around the city.

Sustrans is delivering the project on behalf of Nottingham City Council as part of the Access Fund programme funded by the Department for Transport. Bikeworks are a not-for-profit community interest company that offer bike services to communities in Nottingham.

How do I get in touch? 

If you’re interested in taking part visit here or contact