Changes to Linkbus services

Locallink bus at University of Nottingham

Nottingham City Council’s Linkbus network provides important connections to residents living or working in areas where commercial bus routes are not viable.

The council is facing very serious budget challenges, and is having to make some extremely difficult decisions on the services we provide. This includes a proposal to reduce funding for our Linkbus services.

We are proposing to limit the effect on services through timetable changes, diversions on existing services, and withdrawing services where journeys can be made by another operator. This way we can ensure we continue to provide services to the city and district centres for people living more than 400m away from a commercial bus or tram stop.

A public consultation will run from Friday 22 January until Sunday 21 February, following which a final decision will be made in March.

Specific proposals for each service are outlined below.

Proposed changes

L2 City – Nottingham Business Park (Strelley) – continued with many journeys diverting through sections of the withdrawn L10 route in Wollaton. The service would continue to operate half-hourly during peak, and reduce to hourly services in the off-peak.

L4 City – Beechdale – Aspley – to remain hourly. This service also serves the Beechdale and Upper Beechddale areas when the L11 is withdrawn, and the Radford area where the L12 will be withdrawn.

L5 City – Wollaton Park Estate – No change

L14 City – Heathfield – Bulwell – to continue operating at current levels, with some timetable changes. Serves the key areas around Perry Road, where the L12 will be withdrawn.

W1 City – Castle Marina – Lenton Lane Industrial Area – Slight timetable amendments in the evening peak, no reduction in service.

Medilink – Service to be maintained.

Proposed services to be withdrawn

L1 City – Wilford Village – Silverdale Estate – CT4N Ltd provides an hourly commercial bus service (22 and 23) in this area.

The commercial service does not provide a direct link to the city centre, but interchange with frequent buses and trams will be available. The commercial route also serves Clifton, West Bridgford, Ruddingon and Gamston shopping centres

L9 City – Mapperley – Sherwood – Arnold – Bestwood Park – The two largest key areas (Edwards Lane Estate and Winchester Court/Woodthorpe Court) served by NCT 40 every 30 minutes. We are looking at low cost options for those parts of the L9 at Mildenhall Crescent and Sherwood Vale that are beyond 400m of another bus service.

L10 City – Wollaton – Beeston – Key areas will be served hourly by a diverted L2 route. No areas unserved.

L11 Beeston – Beechdale – Bulwell – Key areas will continue to be served by the L4 route. Most facilities will still be available on the L4 route or through interchange with other frequent services.

L12 University of Nottingham – QMC – Hyson Green – City Hospital – Many sections are served by other routes – the L4 in Radford and the L14 in Perry Road. The withdrawal of this service will result in the loss of direct services to the University and QMC, but facilities are available by interchange between frequent services.

Have your say

If you have any comments on these changes, please let us know by Sunday 21 February by emailing