Safety on Nottingham’s buses

A1 bus stop and new real time sign on Angel Row, Nottingham

Nottingham’s bus network carries 83 million passengers a year across Greater Nottingham and 62 million passengers in the city itself.

Encouraging people to continue to travel on our buses is essential to combating the city’s congestion and achieving our target of being carbon neutral by 2028. However, we want Nottingham’s citizens and visitors to feel safe when choosing to travel by bus (including how safe they feel whilst walking to and from bus stops and waiting at city centre bus stops).

You may have found that your travel habits have changed in the last six months as those who can work from home are encouraged to do so, and non-essential journeys were discouraged for a short while. If this is the case, you can answer this survey based upon your habits before the COVID-19 pandemic. Your thoughts and feedback on the safety of Nottingham’s bus network will be used to inform decisions on the improvement of bus stop infrastructure across the city, so that you feel safer when using the bus.

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Thank you to everyone who submitted a response.