To encourage more people out of their cars and onto the streets we will be working hard to create a safer city centre, district centres and neighbourhoods.

As people return to work and demand for access to services increases, we want to ensure measures are in place to support social distancing and improve mobility. These measures include footpath widening and one-way streets in the Arboretum and Derby Road areas, and pop up cycle lanes in the Broadmarsh area.

The Arboretum

The Arboretum area is a gateway for people walking and cycling from the north of the city including Hyson Green, Forest Fields, Sherwood and Mapperley. The area also attracts no-resident motor traffic using the area as a cut through between Mansfield Road and Derby Road.

As a trial scheme to dissuade traffic from using the area as a cut through and provide a better environment for people walking and cycling into the city centre, we are introducing a number of measures including additional traffic calming measures and traffic filters.

Please see attached leaflet for more information.

Derby Road and surrounding streets

In order to provider calmer, more attractive streets and to encourage more walking and cycling, restrictions have been put in place to limit some vehicle movements on the roads between Derby Road and Ilkeston Road.

It is hoped the scheme will reduce cut through traffic, leading to fewer vehicle numbers using these roads and making them more pleasant for residents.

Please see attached leaflet for more information.