What is an ebike?

Ebikes work just like a normal bike, except the electric motor adds a little more power to your pedalling.

Not only are ebikes loads of fun, but power assisted pedalling makes it easier to cover large distances, carry heavy items or conquer hills without losing speed. If you want to commute by bike without needing to change at work, are recovering from an injury or just want to build more activity into your day then an electric bike could be the perfect choice for you.

Why buy an ebike?

Cycling isn’t just for Lycra-clad athletes. Motor assisted pedalling makes it easier to navigate steep hills, travel longer distances or carry heavy cargo, but this isn’t a motorbike – so you still need to pedal!

Statistically, owners of ebikes use them more regularly than owners of typical bikes, the more you use it, the more you pedal – even if you do have a helping hand. On days when you have a bit more time, or are feeling more active – you can easily switch off the motor assist and pedal normally for more intense exercise.

New to cycling? Pick up one of our cycle maps to help you to explore the city on two wheels.

Can I still ride in a cycle lane?

Most electric bikes can be used in cycle lanes, but there are some that are technically classed as motorcycles. Check here if you’re not sure.