D2N2 Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) – Have your say

The four authorities of Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire have worked together to prepare a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for the D2N2 area, based on Government Guidance published in April 2017. The D2N2 area is the combined total area for all four authorities.

LCWIP is a long-term approach to developing comprehensive local cycling and walking networks across the D2N2 area. It is evidence led and uses a detailed technical analysis tool to help identify, evaluate, and prioritise potential cycle route improvements across the D2N2 area, in a consistent way.

D2N2 are now presenting their LCWIP document and a programme of potential cycling and walking schemes to connect key areas/communities, deliver cross boundary routes and improved facilities. This has been developed using a detailed technical analysis tool, along with previous stakeholder engagement.

The LCWIP identifies the routes for which we would like to see investment in cycling and walking improvements over the next 15 years, as detailed in each authority’s delivery programmes. These include both new routes as well as improvements to existing infrastructure, so it meets current design standards. Once complete, this will create cycling and walking environments that are appealing and accessible to all, including horse riders wherever possible. The LCWIP will be used to support funding bids in order to develop the proposed schemes identified for consideration, and then deliver if feasible.

This is your opportunity to comment on the content of the LCWIP and let us know if you support our joint ambitions by completing the online survey which can be found here. It will remain open until the 8th March 2023, so please ensure you respond by this date.