One of five ambitions we want to achieve through the EATF scheme is to develop new cycle routes in the north and east of the city, to make it easier and safer to get around by bike and on foot.

We aim to do this through temporary pop-up cycle lanes on key routes, including Mansfield Road, Hucknall Road, St Ann’s Well Road and Carlton Road. We are also working with Nottinghamshire County Council to provide improved facilities for cyclists on Trent Bridge.

Carlton Road – Pop up cycle lane route

We are creating a cycle route between Porchester Road and the city centre via part of Carlton Road, some quieter, residential streets and King Edward Park.

Carlton Road is busy throughout the day with traffic and parking outside shops and businesses. We want to make the main road and local streets safer for people to walk and cycle so are looking to put in a trial scheme to improve conditions.

The new route will link into Sneinton Square and the city centre via Handel Street, where we have recently improved the cycle route.

Please see attached map and leaflet for more information.

We are working on more permanent improvements for cyclists on Carlton Road using Transforming Cities funding.

Middleton Boulevard/Oundle Drive junction

We are going to be making some improvements to the existing shared footway, cycle path, and priority crossing for pedestrians and cyclists, at the junction of Oundle Drive with Middleton Boulevard.

We want to make it safer for all users including those cycling, walking, and using motor vehicles as the current layout is hindered by poor visibility and limited footway width.

The new trial design moves cyclists from the existing shared footway onto a dedicated two way cycle facility that uses space from the two lane slip road.

For more information please see attached leaflet.

Following a successful trial and positive feedback, we’re pleased to announce we will be making this scheme permanent whilst making some additional improvements. The final scheme will include a segregated kerb such as that on Castle Boulevard. More information available.

St Anns Well Road

From early September we will be implementing measures that improve the link between the city centre and the St Ann’s Valley Community Centre for people walking and cycling.

Measures will include a cycle lane for the vast majority of the route from Curzon Street to the Community Centre, tightening junction entries and more.

We will not be able to tackle the whole route up to Ransom Road in this allocation of funding, however plans have been put forward to take place in the second round of funding.

For more information please see attached leaflet.

Details on other schemes will be added to this page as they become available.