Through our Go Ultra Low Nottingham project we are helping to support uptake for electric cars and other low emission vehicles across the city. Our vision is for Nottingham to become an exemplar for low emission vehicles, spanning private cars, vans, buses, taxis and commercial fleets as a core part of our sustainable transport system.

Nottingham has been named one of the UK’s first Go Ultra Low Cities. £6.1m funding awarded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles has introduced a range of innovative projects to support the uptake in Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs).

What are we doing?

In a bid to improve air quality and create a more sustainable environment, the City Council is undertaking a range of actions using funding from the Office for Low Emissions:

  • Charge point project – installing over 400 charge points to support the switch to EVs
  • Workplace Travel Service – Working with businesses to help them make more sustainable travel choices
  • ULEV Lane – The UK’s first bus lane that also allows ULEVs, so greener drivers can travel more efficently
  • Leading by example – Converting Nottingham City Council’s pool car and light vans to ULEVs as well as bin lorries and street sweepers
  • Education and engagement – events in partnership with local dealerships, with information from industry experts and supported by a network of EV champions
  • Electric taxis – try before you buy scheme with Nottingham’s cab drivers
  • Nottingham Electric Vehicle Services – ULEV only service centre in the city centre

Why are we doing it?

To support an environment that will help to reduce carbon and nitrogen dioxide impacts of transport and support economic growth. These measures will help to provide cleaner air, improving the quality of residents’ lives and delivering the council’s ambition to become a self-sufficient energy city.

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Background information:

In January 2016 the Office for Low Emissions (OLEV) announced that Nottingham, partnered with Nottinghamshire County Council and Derby City Council, was one of four successful cities in securing funding for the Go Ultra Low City Programme nationally. As a result, £6.12m of funding has been made available to support measures across the Nottingham and Derby areas for a package of measures to support the uptake of Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles up to 2019/20.