If you drive an ULEV, you know that you’re driving a clean, green vehicle – but others on the road may not be aware of your vehicle’s eco credentials. To help combat this we are offering drivers ‘ULEV IDs’ to attach to your vehicle.

These identifiers have been designed to mirror the national ULEV symbol on the bus lane signs in place along Nottingham’s Daleside Road bus lane. This will help to educate the wider public as to what an ULEV is, and build a wider understanding for ULEVs on the market.

This is not the only measure we are trialling, we are also in the process of designing additional signage to go up along the Daleside Road bus/ULEV lane – which should help to increase understanding of what an ULEV is. Watch this space!

These identifiers are for promotional use only. The IDs are not proof that a vehicle is an ULEV and will not exempt unauthorised vehicles from penalty fines if they choose to drive in the Daleside Road bus/ULEV lane, or in other low emission restricted areas around the country. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that your vehicle qualifies as an ULEV before entering restricted areas.

The ULEV identifiers are free, but stocks are limited to two per vehicle. We are offering three different forms of identifier*

Internal window sticker

Car window sticker

External vinyl sticker

Exterior car sticker

Bodywork magnet

Magnetic car sticker

*Please note: the council takes no responsibility for any sticker damage to your vehicle.

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