Experian make way for cyclists

Experian Employee standing next to cycle shelter

Experian make way for cyclists  

With more of us travelling on the road to work switching to sustainable transport is a great way to dodge traffic, tackle climate change and improve quality of life.

Our Workplace Travel Service is here to help companies travel more sustainably. Our team of specialist travel advisors worked closely with Experian to address the travel needs of the business and minimise the impact travelling to work can have on the environment.

We recently spoke with Experian to find out more about how they have transformed their cycling infrastructure with the support of the Workplace Travel Service.

What is the total number of staff based at this site?

Over 2000 members of staff in our Nottingham offices.

Why did you apply?
As part of our wellbeing strategy, we wanted to ensure we were able to offer employees a range of benefits to enable them to improve their physical, emotional and financial health. Research also suggests that employees who cycle to work are more productive. To encourage more people to cycle to work, we thought it would be beneficial for us to apply for this to compliment the success of the well-established ‘Bike to Work’ scheme.

What did you apply for?

We applied for funding to install two new bike shelters and 32 storage lockers.

How did you find the application process and ongoing support?

We have been very impressed with the application process, finding it easy-to-use and very user friendly. The on-going support has been exceptional.

Would you have considered doing what you did without grant and support?

Yes, we’re always looking for new ways to support our employees and knew that there was a huge appetite for many of them to cycle into work. Expanding on our existing facilities would have been a high priority.

How has it helped your business or organisation?

This initiative has helped facilitate the demand for employees wanting to cycle to work and reduced the demand on people wanting a parking space at our Experian offices. It has also encouraged more people to take up our ‘Bike to Work’ scheme knowing the facilities are there to support the scheme.

How has the grant encouraged growth in sustainable transport now and in the future?
The Experian environmental policy supports Experian’s vision in making improvements to the way our staff travel for both business travel and commuting to work. As a result of installing cycling infrastructure we have witnessed a reduction in staff traveling to work via car and an increase of numbers of staff joining our cycling community.

The Workplace travel service work closely with businesses across Nottingham providing financial support for sustainable travel infrastructure, advice and information on switching to greener and smarter travel choices and sustainable travel events.