Hop On Board Public Transport This Clean Air Day!

Buses at Beeston Interchange

Travelling by public transport in Nottingham is a fantastic way to get around the city and help to lower transport emissions. Transport is one of the key contributors to air pollution, so this Clean Air Day (16 June) why not hop on board?

Here are just some reasons to get on board!

  • 15 high frequency bus corridors
  • Robin Hood card multi-operator ticketing and Contactless Payment available on all buses and trams
  • 8 Park & Ride sites
  • Low Fares (Child Fares extended to under 19s on Nottingham City Transport and Robin Hood tickets)

Low Emission Transport

Travelling on Nottingham’s public transport helps to clean our air by 1) leaving your car at home (or the P&R!) and 2) choosing to use our low and zero emission transport system.

The trams in Nottingham are powered by renewable energy, plus we have electric buses and biogas buses all supporting our quest for clean air and reducing carbon emissions.

Did you know? We have an exciting upcoming project to add 78 state-of-the-art electric buses to the bus network from 2023 onwards! That would mean that the entire Nottingham City Transport single-deck fleet will be completely electric!

Electric bus at NCT's Trent Bridge depot


Did you know, we have recently launched multi-operator contactless ticketing? You can hop on NET trams, Linkbuses by CT4N and also Nottingham City Transport buses as many times as you like during a day and only pay one daily capped adult fare. Its super easy! Enter your details and check your journeys and spend on the nottinghamcontactless website.

Don’t worry though, Robin Hood multi-operator ticketing is still here! You can hop on and off different operators (bus and tram) using your Robin Hood card, or you can purchase a Robin Hood ticket at tram ticket machines or aboard buses. Plus, soon we will be advertising a brand new and exciting Robin Hood product… watch this space!

Bus Service Improvement Plan

We have a fantastic Bus Service Improvement Plan in place to promote the passenger experience and reduce journey times through upgraded digital information, new bus lanes and traffic light priority for late-running buses. This means that some traffic lights will recognise a late running bus and turn green to let them through! Read more about our bus priority corridors.

We are working to clean up our air

Cleaner air is important for everyone. Air pollution affects us all and can have severe consequences for our health. By working hard to make our public transport system a great option, while also being low and zero-emission, means that we can move from A to B without compromising the quality of our air. We still have a way to go, but we are definitely moving in the right direction to clean up our air!