By improving access to green spaces such as Victoria Embankment and Colwick Park, we hope to encourage more people to use them for exercise and also provide a safe space for new cyclists to practice their skills and gain confidence.

Victoria Embankment: Closure to through traffic to aid walking and cycling

In August 2020, a section of the road on Victoria Embankment was closed to through traffic on a trial basis as part of emergency plans to encourage more people to walk and cycle, and support a greener recovery from Covid-19 as lockdown restrictions were eased.

Victoria Embankment is a popular place for visitors and those travelling to, and through the area by foot and bike. A large number of vehicles also use the Embankment as a cut-through route.

The closure has remained in place at all times, and all days of the week, and extends for a distance of around 240 metres across the area next to the War Memorial. A further closure is also in place across the centre of the paved area of the flood defence embankment on Wilford Grove to prevent this route being used as an alternative to Victoria Embankment.

Parts of Victoria Embankment remain open to allow car parking, but vehicle access into residential areas of Meadows from the Embankment is limited. People are also encouraged to use more sustainable modes of transport to access the area where possible.

The decrease in through traffic led to many leisure users commenting on the benefits created in terms of a quieter and more pleasant environment.

A public engagement exercise was completed in Spring 2021 which received over 1,500 responses. This showed 53 per cent of respondents were in favour of closing the Embankment to motor vehicle through traffic on a permanent basis and a decision was made to progress a formal consultation on permanent restrictions.

Since then, we have been developing the proposed permanent scheme in more detail, including locations of gates, bollards and other features. You can now view these proposals below.

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Any comments or objections to the proposals should be received by email to or in writing to Traffic & Safety, Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG by Wednesday 12 January 2022.

The proposals

Map showing Victoria Embankment scheme

Victoria Embankment

The main closure on Victoria Embankment is next to the suspension bridge, in order to use the bridge structure to prevent motorists driving around the barriers. A gate secured by a combination padlock is proposed to enable easier access for permitted vehicles.

Proposed measures next to suspension bridge

A second location on Victoria Embankment, nearer Trent Bridge, and this will help to prevent vehicles congregating close to the War Memorial, ensuring a more pleasant car free environment in this area. At this location, bollards will be secured by a combination padlock, allowing access for permitted vehicles.

Areas of double yellow lines are also proposed next to the barriers, to ensure turning manoeuvres can be completed safely, along with parking provision for Blue Badge holders, to ensure space is available for those with mobility issues wanting to access the War Memorial.

The entire area between the barriers, fronting the War Memorial, will also be subject to double yellow lines. This area will be inaccessible for parking due to the barriers.

Proposed measures near the War Memorial


Wilford Grove

In addition to the barriers and bollards, some changes to parking layouts are also proposed, with a more formalised parking layout proposed on Wilford Grove, along with areas of double yellow lines to allow turning manoeuvres.

The closures will be supported by additional signage directing motorists to use more appropriate routes.

Proposed measures at Wilford Grove

Colwick Park: Path improvements

We’re improving the condition of paths in the park, and widening in places, to make social distancing easier. In the first phase of the works we’ll be resurfacing 228 metres of path and increasing the width up to seven metres in places.