By improving access to green spaces such as Victoria Embankment and Colwick Park, we hope to encourage more people to use them for exercise and also provide a safe space for new cyclists to practice their skills and gain confidence.

Victoria Embankment: Closure to aid walking and cycling

From Monday 3 August, Victoria Embankment will be closed to through traffic on a trial basis as part of emergency plans to encourage more people to travel by foot and bike and support a greener recovery from Covid-19 as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Victoria Embankment is a popular place for visitors and those travelling to, and through the area by foot and bike. A large number of vehicles also use the Embankment as a cut-through route.

The closure will be in place at all times, and all days of the week, initially for the summer period, just after its junction with Wilford Grove to its junction with Bunbury Street. Parts of the Victoria Embankment will remain open to allow car parking, but vehicle access into residential areas of Meadows from the Embankment will be limited. People are also encouraged to use more sustainable modes of transport to access the area where possible.

Please see attached map and leaflet for more information.