Changes to Locallink services

Locallink changes

Austerity isn’t over for Nottingham, with Government cuts seeing the City Council’s main grant reduced from £127m in 2013 to £25m, leaving the council needing to find savings of £22m in 2019/20.

To help us achieve these savings while protecting services such as adult social care and children’s services, a series of changes are proposed to streamline our Locallink services.

From 31 March 2019, fares will be increased across the Linkbus network to be comparable with the city’s commercial operators.

This will mean a rise in the cost of single and day tickets, including park and ride services, and introduction of fares on the L22/23. Robin Hood card holders will continue to receive a discount on the cash price. Concessionary fares will still be available.

In addition, a series of changes are proposed to Linkbus services that will enable us to continue to provide services where they are most needed. When agreed, these will be rolled out from spring 2019.

Affected services

L1 – Reduce frequency – Every 80 minutes (from every 60 minutes)
L2 – Reduce frequency – Every 30 minutes during peak times. Reduced daytime service to run every hour, continuing to serve the L3 route in Beechdale
L3 – Withdraw – Replace with diverted L2 journey
L4 – Reduce frequency – Every 80 minutes with changes to route to serve the Cranwell Road area
L5 – Route variation – Direct via Derby Road, some journeys extended to serve Charlbury Road
L6/14 – Merge – The L6 will be merged to extend the L14 service, with an hourly frequency
L7 – Withdraw – Replaced by some L5 journeys
L9 – Reduce frequency – Every two hours, instead of hourly, maintaining link to city centre
L11 – Shorten service – Withdraw service north of Bulwell, where NCT covers similar routes
L22/23 – Withdraw – This service operates in the county but is currently funded by the City Council. The city areas are well served by NCT 3
W1 – Withdraw – low patronage
W2 – Withdraw – low patronage

Have your say

If you have any comments on these proposals, please let us know before 4 March 2019 by emailing