New for 2019: recently completed cycle path improvements

New cycle crossing on Farnborough Road

Active travel whether on a bike or on foot is good for you, and the environment. Major plans are on the horizon for next year but in 2019 we’ve already started improving some of the gaps in our cycle network to better connect communities and create safer, better routes for cyclists and pedestrians. These projects should help to improve active and sustainable travel routes and better connect key employment sites.

Here are a few examples of recently completed projects that have been funded via the Department for Transport’s transforming cities fund.

Farnborough Road

Work began over the summer to widen and resurface the cycle and pedestrian path along Farnborough Road in Clifton.

The existing slabbed pavement was in need of maintenance and the on-road painted cycle lane was out of date.

With the transforming cities funding we were able to widen the path creating a shared cycle and pedestrian path. This was then newly resurfaced and a green priority crossing installed at the Green Lane roundabout.

This key route between Clifton and the city will help those heading to work as well as providing a safer pedestrian space for pupils attending The Farnborough Academy.

Cycle improvements before and after along Farnborough Road

Clifton Lane

Another cycle route in need of a facelift was the path along Clifton Lane, better connecting Clifton with routes towards the city centre. The improved path now takes people from the shared path to the quite route on High Road and across the Toll Bridge towards the city centre.

Cycle improvements before and after along Clifton Lane

Canal Access

Many people like to cycle along the Nottingham Canal as a quiet, green route into the city. However, some of the sections have tight corners and stepped access. Our programme to improve this began by converting the Wilford Street steps into a ramp – which will not only provide a better route for cyclists but also improve accessibility for pushchairs and those with disabilities.

Cycle improvements before and after along the canal