Nottingham Bus Strategy 2020-2025

The Nottingham Bus Strategy 2020-2025 is a five-year plan for Nottingham’s bus network.

For over 15 years, Nottingham has been working towards providing a low emission, high quality, integrated, attractive and affordable public transport system. Nottingham’s bus network already carries 83 million passengers a year across Greater Nottingham and 62 million in the city itself, and passenger numbers have been increasing despite declines across many other UK cities. Encouraging further public transport use, however, is still essential in managing the city’s congestion and reducing the negative impacts that cars have on the environment. Public transport in Nottingham, where over half of the population have no access to a car, is also vital in helping citizens getting to their places of study, work, leisure and health.

Plans outlined in the Bus Strategy to improve the bus network across the Nottingham and Greater Nottingham area over the next five years include: improved realtime information systems, improved smart ticketing systems, traffic light priority at key junctions, new bus lanes and extensions to existing bus lanes, and a new bus park and ride site.

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