Professional drivers pedal a mile in someone else’s shoes

Professional drivers developing on-road cycle skills

Cycling has increased by 43% in the city since 2010. With more cyclists on the roads it is important that drivers are aware of the risks cyclists face – and act with patience and consideration to other people on the road.

Working with RideWise, Nottingham City Council offers a cyclist awareness course to professional drivers to ensure Nottingham is safe for all citizens to travel around the city whether they cycle, walk or drive.

Gina Law, from Ridewise,  said: “This course is really important as it gives drivers the opportunity to experience first-hand what it’s like to cycle on a busy road. Until you’ve hopped into the saddle yourself you might not realise how simple actions made by drivers can be dangerous or intimidating when you’re on a bike.”

Cyclist awareness training is free and specifically aimed at professional drivers within Nottingham such as taxi and bus drivers, as well as driving instructors and lorry drivers. The purpose of the course is to encourage social responsibility, develop mutual understanding on sharing road spaces and improve road safety.

Professional drivers are provided with cycles, helmets and hi-viz vests – ready and geared to cycle on the road around various locations in Nottingham.

The course has been well received and proven to have an impact on professional driver’s perceptions towards driving culture and active travel. In addition, drivers have stated that they are more courteous of cyclists and have been persuaded to trade their steering wheel to cycle more.

Taxi driver Khalid Akram said: “The course has made me have extra consideration for bike riders. I’m now interested in becoming a regular bike rider. Everybody should do this course.”

If you’re interested and would like to sign up contact RideWise.

The half day course covers

  • Exploring highway codes
  • Consideration of vulnerable road users
  • Development of cycle infrastructure
  • Reducing road collisions
  • Improving road safety
  • Providing awareness on sustainable and active travel
  • Replacing moral inferiority with tolerance and accountability whilst using the road

RideWise is a charity that works with communities in Nottingham to encourage people to choose greener and healthier ways to travel. Click here to find out more on sustainable travel and events run by RideWise.

This course is funded by the Department for Transport as part of the Nottingham Derby Access Fund programme.