Transforming cities – Nottingham projects

Image showing electric charge points, bus stops, cycling and Broadmarsh pedestrian area

The Government has announced the creation of the £1.7bn Transforming Cities Fund, with the aim of driving up productivity and spreading prosperity through investment in public and sustainable transport in some of the largest English city regions.

Nottingham and Derby city councils have worked together to submit funding bids to improve connections between major employment sites and promote active travel and public transport.

As well as improving links between the two cities, schemes will use new technology to support connections to employment sites and other areas of growth, while enhancing the experience for public transport passengers and upgrading facilities for walkers and cyclists.

Phase one projects

More than £8m was awarded in 2019, which will be spent in Derby and Nottingham on measures to improve public transport, reduce congestion and better connect the two cities.

Projects include:

  • Improving the real time information signs at bus stops
  • New bus priority at five key junctions along the A52
  • Smart cameras that will collect data on key routes to improve journey reliability and reduce congestion for all traffic
  • New cycling routes
  • Expansion of current bike hire scheme in Derby and support for a new cycle hire scheme in Nottingham

Phase two projects

The second slice of funding (between £100-160m) will build on this, and have a major impact on connectivity between Derby and Nottingham. The scale and scope of each project will be confirmed once we know how much funding we will receive, but the bid will focus on four main areas:

City centre connectivity

  • Improving the area around both Nottingham and Derby Stations.
  • Nottingham – creating a more welcoming gateway into the city that connects the station with the new Broadmarsh area, public transport, active travel links and routes into the city centre.

Better connecting Derby, Nottingham and East Midlands Airport

  • Improving real time information for public transport across the region.
  • Upgrading Robin Hood tickets, making them more flexible, and introducing contactless payment
  • Expanding the electric charge point network
  • Upgrading cycle links between the two cities

Nottingham growth corridors

  • Increasing the number of parking spaces at tram Park & Ride sites.
  • ‘Bus priority corridors’ – upgrading the signals at key junctions to improve bus reliability on major routes
  • Cycle lane improvements along key routes to employment sites, including a new bridge over the River Trent to Lady Bay
  • Workplace Travel Service – continued funding for our business support package which helps businesses offer sustainable travel options for their staff

Derby growth corridors

  • Smart Park & Ride Hubs – connecting park and ride with cycling and public transport
  • Workplace Travel Service – Offering advice to Derby businesses interested in travelling more sustainably.