Travel Well

With an active lifestyle having a massive impact on both mental and physical wellbeing, Nottingham City Council’s Travel Well project aims to help support people to build activity into their daily lives for lasting healthy changes.

Nottingham City Council expressed interest to become part of a national trial.  It was selected and became one of 11 areas where it has been identified that people switching to more active lifestyles could make a real difference.

The trial will give healthcare professionals and social prescribers the ability to refer residents to services that promote walking, cycling and wheeling delivered within the community.

The aim is to support people to become more active, manage mental and physical wellbeing, manage long-term health conditions or address social isolation.

The project will take place around Aspley, Beechdale, Bilborough, Bulwell, Sneinton, St Ann’s and Strelley.

How do referrals work?

Travel Well Activities

The Travel Well Big Green Books


Upcoming  Meet the Travel Well team  events

News updates


Infographic explaining the Travel Well programme

How do referrals work?

Referrals can come through three routes.

1 – residents can be ‘referred-in’ to Travel Well in a community setting.  These are events and activities happening in the locality.  Check out the Calendar listed below or have a look in The Travel Well Big Green Book.

2 – residents can self-refer in for a specialised and tailored plan.  The NHS Active Travel Self Referral Form is below.

3 – healthcare professionals can make referrals to specialised provisions.


The Active Travel Self Referral Form.  If you or your GP Practice are in Bulwell, Bulwell Hall, Snape Wood, Crabtree Farm, Highbury Vale, Aspley Estate, Beechdale, Bells Lane Estate, Bilborough, Broxtowe, Strelley Estate, St Ann’s and Sneinton, you may be able to be referred to a specialised walking and cycling activity.  You can self refer to an Active Travel Community Connector on the NHS external form below:


Travel Well Activities

Check out the calendar below where we have signposted a range of upcoming walking and cycling activities taking place across Nottingham.  Any Travel Well specific activities put on here for everyone in the community are funded separately by Active Travel England, part of the Department for Transport.

Visit our suppliers’ websites or event pages to find their upcoming Travel Well activities and how to sign up.

Nottingham Bikeworks
Women in Tandem


The Travel Well Big Green Books

Customised Big Green Books have been created by Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service for each area of focus for Travel Well.

These special editions for the project areas are all about unleashing the active traveller in you, guiding you to connect with friendly, community-based teams and activities promoting walking, cycling, and wheeling.  To view find out more and the books click here or click on the image below.


Upcoming Meet the Travel Well team events

Date Time Location Event Details



Travel Well News Updates

Date News article
Thursday 7th March 2024 Councillor Ethan Radford speaks to Travel Well about he stays active
Thursday 8th February 2024 Councillor Audrey Dinnall speaks to Travel Well about how she keeps active
Thursday 18 January 2024 Exciting new walking and cycling programme
Tuesday 30th August 2022 Nottingham City Council has won funding to get more Nottingham people moving


How we are reviewing that Travel Well is working

We will be monitoring each of the Travel Well projects to understand what works and what doesn’t work. Travel surveys will be issued to people taking part in selected activities.

If you have taken part in any of the Travel Well activities or if you have any questions about Travel Well, please contact us on

Travel Well is project led by Nottingham City Council in partnership with the Nottingham Place-based Partnership, Nottingham Community Voluntary Service and Nottingham City GP Alliance.