Workplace Travel Service: Grants

Workplace travel service grants

Benefit from up to £25,000 financial support to help meet the costs of workplace travel improvements, such as electric vehicle charge points, cycle parking, showers, pool bikes, car sharing and car parking management. We are asking for a financial or in-kind contribution form you.

Am I Eligible for a Grant?

Yes, if you’re a business or organisation (large or small, public or private sector) across the Nottingham area, including:

  • Businesses covered by the Nottingham Workplace Parking Levy
  • Public sector organisations
  • Small to medium enterprises
  • Health and social care organisations, joint services centres, medical centres and hospitals
  • Organisations based on business parks and industrial areas
  • Voluntary sector

For more information download our Workplace Travel service guide here.

What does the grant support?

If your bid is successful, you can spend your grant on almost anything that will enable more sustainable forms of transport for your workforce, including:

  • Walking and cycling business access improvements, for example installing lighting and pedestrian routes
  • Cycle parking and shelters, including CCTV and lighting for shelters
  • Showers, changing and drying units
  • Pool bikes, including e-pool bikes, and personal safety/security equipment
  • Cycling support, such as journey buddying, cycle training and staff led rides
  • Car sharing
  • EV charging points
  • Fleet reviews
  • EV staff awareness, peer to peer learning, masterclasses
  • EV ‘try before you buy’
  • EV and car club infrastructure, eg signs, markings, bollards
  • Car parking management infrastructure, eg barrier controls, signage
  • Sustainable travel events and promotions
  • Workplace real-time transport displays

What won’t the grant support?

  • Laptops or computers
  • Video and teleconferencing equipment
  • Funding to purchase/lease cars, vans or minibuses
  • Maintenance of travel infrastructure purchased through the grant scheme
  • Utilities packages associated with the travel infrastructure purchased through the grant scheme, eg line rental and data packages, electricity bills
  • Liftshare private network licence renewals
  • Ongoing staffing to support sustainable travel measures, eg, security, car park attendants

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