Workplace Travel Service: Travel Choices

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If your business works or operates within the Nottingham City area then you’re likely to be eligible for support through Nottingham City Council’s Workplace Travel Service. This means that you’re able to benefit from lots of support to get your business moving. This includes help to get your employees to start walking or cycling as part of their commute plus advice on what public transport options are available.

What’s available?

  • Cycle lessons for staff
  • Cycle Route Planning support
  • Dr Bike – free onsite bike repair services
  • Cycle buddying for journey to and from work
  • Love to Ride
  • Walk/cycle route planning
  • Technical advice for cycle parking
  • Guided walks and rides around your workplace
  • Maintenance Classes
  • Personal travel planning to improve employees’ commute – leading to improved staff health and wellbeing, minimising absenteeism, increasing staff retention and improving productivity

Need help to get you business moving?

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