Changes to Linkbus services will take effect from Monday 7 June 2021, following consultation earlier this year.

Nottingham City Council’s Linkbus network provides important connections to residents living or working in areas where alternative services are not viable.

In light of the council’s serious budget challenges and following a public consultation, the council made the difficult decision in March to reduce funding to the Linkbus network.

To limit the impact on customers, we have made a number of timetable changes, and withdrawn services as far as possible only where journeys can be made by another operator.

This way we can ensure we continue to provide services to the city and district centres for people living more than 400m away from a commercial bus service or tram stop.

The impact on each service and alternatives to withdrawn routes can be seen below:

Retained services

L2 City – Nottingham Business Park (Strelley)
This service will continue with many journeys diverting through sections of the withdrawn L10 route in Wollaton. It will operate half-hourly during the peak, and hourly in the off-peak.
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L4 City – Beechdale – Aspley
This hourly service will remain unchanged. This service will also serve Beechdale Estate and the upper part of Beechdale Road areas where the L11 is to be withdrawn, and the Radford area where the L12 will be withdrawn.
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L5 City – Wollaton Park Estate – Charlbury Road
No change
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L14 City – Heathfield – Bulwell
This service will continue operating at current levels, with some timetable changes. Serves the areas around Perry Road, where the L12 will be withdrawn.
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W1 City – Castle Marina – Lenton Lane Industrial Area
Slight timetable amendments in the evening peak, no reduction in service.
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No change
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Withdrawn services and replacement services

L1 City – Wilford Village – Silverdale Estate
Service 2 operated by CT4N will provide a limited service on this route to the City on Mondays and Thursdays

CT4N also operates a commercial bus service – 22 and 23 – providing hourly direct links between Wilford Village, Silverdale, Clifton, West Bridgford, Ruddington and Gamston Monday to Friday.

View timetable for 2, 22 and 23

L9 City – Mapperley – Sherwood – Arnold – Bestwood
Service 19, operated by CT4N, will serve parts of the route at Sherwood Vale, Winchester Court, Woodthorpe Court and Mildenhall Crescent. This will provide links to Mapperley shops, Arnold and Bulwell on an hourly basis. View timetable for service 19

Access to the city centre is available by changing to frequent services running from Mapperley shops (NCT 45), at Winchester Court (NCT 40), Arnold (NCT 58, trentbarton the Calverton) and Beckhampton Road (NCT 89).

From Edwards Lane estate, NCT 40 runs every 30 minutes to the city via City Hospital and Sherwood shops. Access to Arnold is available by changing to frequent services running from Edwards Lane (NCT 87) or at Sherwood (NCT 58, trentbarton the Calverton).

L10 City – Wollaton – Beeston
There will be a limited service on this route on Mondays and Thursdays, with CT4N service 13. For frequent services to Beeston, it is possible to interchange at QMC onto NCT 36 or trentbarton indigo. View timetable for service 13

The Torvill Drive and Lambourne Drive areas will be served by an hourly service to the city centre on the L2 route.

The Bramcote Lane area is served by NCT 30 frequent services into the city centre.

L11 Beeston – Beechdale – Bulwell
Links to Bulwell from Beechdale, Bilborough, Aspley and Wollaton are available by using frequent services NCT 35 and 79. Interchange points for those without direct services include Bracebridge Drive shops, Wigman Road and Strelley Road Asda.

Links to Beeston are available through interchange between NCT 35 and 36 or trentbarton indigo in Derby Road, or at QMC. These services operate every 10 minutes.

Links to Wollaton are available through NCT 35.

The Beechdale estate and the upper part of Beechdale Road will continue to be served by the L4.

L12 University of Nottingham – QMC – Hyson Green – City Hospital
Perry Road will continue to be served by the L14 between the city, Hyson Green and Bulwell.

The St Peter’s Street area will continue to be served by the L4 between the city centre and Beechdale.

Direct links to QMC and the University of Nottingham will no longer be available, however it is possible to travel by tram direct from Hyson Green, or to interchange with frequent buses along Derby Road, either in the city or at Canning Circus (NCT 34, 35 and 36 and trentbarton indigo and i4 and CT4N 18.