Road Safety Week 2022 – Safe Roads For All!

In January 2022, the Highway Code in the UK changed to ensure greater safety of people on the road. This year’s theme focuses on ‘safe roads for all’. The purpose is to bring communities together to highlight everyone’s right to make safe journeys on the road. It is therefore important to remind ourselves about the Highway Code changes and look out for each other on the road.

Here is brief summary of the changes:

Graphic showing the new hierarchy of users with pedestrians at the top of the pyramid and HGVs at the bottom

For further details, please visit: and

Remember, the rules on using handheld communication devices while driving also changed. You cannot hold your phone while driving, even if only momentarily. You can only use your phone when parked up safely. For the safety of yourself and others, make sure that you are not distracted by your phone when driving. Hands-free communication may be used, but must be set up prior to setting off.

See the rules on using mobile devices here.

Why is Road Safety Week important?

Road traffic accidents kill or seriously injure around five people a day in the UK, accounting for 13% of deaths for all age groups and 50% of deaths for children aged 10-14. Road Safety Week aims to bring together individuals, communities, and organisations to share important road safety messages and keep everyone safe on the roads.

While central Government introduces and promotes road safety regulations, local councils manage roads on a local level. Overall, we want to look out for people, whether they decide to walk, cycle, scoot or commute around the city. We strive to continue our commitment to having a safer traveling environment by making sure active travel remains a practical – and safe – option for everyone.

Road Safety Week gives us the opportunity to remember those killed or injured on UK roads and help spread important messages about road safety.

What have we been doing to help improve road safety?