Road Safety Week

It’s Road Safety Week, and this year’s theme is Bike Smart. Every day more than 100 riders (motorbikes and cyclists) are injured in needless, preventable crashes. Nottingham City Council is looking to improve safety on two wheels by investing in cycle infrastructure, but driver and cyclist behaviour plays a big part. Whether you’re a cyclist or a driver here’s a few things you can can do to contribute to a safer, healthier city.


1. Be crossing savvy

Parallel and toucan crossings are becoming increasingly commonplace across the city – but do you know how they work? Toucan crossings – work just like a pelican crossing except cyclists can use them too. Parallel crossings like on Shakespeare Street and Daleside Road work in a similar way to a zebra crossing, but offer a parallel crossing space for cyclists.

parallel crossing

When approaching a parallel crossing…

Pedestrians: Check it is safe to cross before stepping into the road. Be mindful of vehicles and cyclists.

Cyclists: Slow and look when approaching the junction. Make sure it is safe to cross before entering the road. Ensure that any vehicles have seen you and stopped before attempting to cross. Be aware of pedestrians who are also using the crossing.

Drivers: Be aware that you need to stop for both cyclists and pedestrians crossing the road. Take extra caution to check as cyclists travelling quickly may appear more suddenly.

2. Be patient and leave room

Roads are there to help us all keep moving, whether you’re on a bus, driving a car or cycling. We’re all human and busy with places to be, and we’d get there faster and more safely if we all behaved more considerately.

Watch our Road Safety Week poem below ***Sound On***

3. Be Bright Be Seen

Visibility as a cyclist is important at all times, but especially during the autumn and winter as the nights draw in. Nottingham city residents looking for a job are invited to a series of events this week designed to help increase their chances of finding work by making cycling a safer option.

What’s on offer?
  • Free bike lights, locks and hi vis
  • Free cycle training
  • Free bike health checks
  • Travel planning and advice

Just come along to one of the following events:
Be Bright Be Seen events

To book or for more information call 0115 8532948 or visit

These events are supported by Nottingham City Council and run by Sustrans Access, working with Nottingham Bikeworks and Ridewise.

‘Changing places’ – cyclists and HGV drivers

Cycling near or alongside an HGV can be quite intimidating, and for HGV drivers cyclists can be quite hard to spot. Ridewise, Tarmac and Nottingham Trent University have teamed up to organise a free event to help increase awareness of other road users this Road Safety Week (19-25 November).

Tarmac will be providing two HGVs at the university this Friday 23 November, where cyclists and drivers will be able to share their views.

There is also an informal lunch and presentations between 12-2pm from the DVSA, Ridewise, Nottingham City Council and Tarmac on the work that is under way to make cycling safer in Nottingham.

Booking is essential, and you can book your ticket here

5. Get walking with Footprints

Road safety is for all year round, and every autumn term primary schools across the city are invited to take part in Footprints – a walking to school initiative run by the City Council.

This year, more than 12,800 pupils have pledged to walk to school at least once a week this term. Those who live too far away to walk can take part by parking further away, with the aim of reducing the number of cars around school gates, improving not just road safety, but also air quality.

Parents Kirsty Spencer and Rebecca Rowson and pupils Jacob Wright (6) and Alice Rowson (8) put their best feet forward

Rebecca Rowson, whose daughter Alice is taking part in the scheme, said: “I think it’s good for mental health and well being, and it’s a good opportunity to have a nice conversation. It’s good exercise, it’s not as stressful as driving, and it’s cheaper.”

All primary schools in the city are invited to take part, with all children who successfully complete the challenge receiving a badge.

6. Take the Bike Smart Quiz!

Test your knowledge with the official Road Safety Week Bike Smart quiz.