What's happening?

Upgrading the signalised junction at Alfreton Road/ Gregory Boulevard. This will include installing new signals and upgrading the software will be more efficient at managing traffic and promote bus priority as part of the Transforming Cities programme.

Bus priority uses smart technology so lights ‘go green’ for buses and help public transport beat the traffic. These works on Alfreton Road will help make the Turquoise line more reliable and efficient, meaning bus users can get to and from town quicker.

Updating traffic signals to the latest equipment standard which will last another 20-25 years.

Adding in improved pedestrian crossing at the busy junction to better promote safety and active travel.


Impact on traffic during the works

  • Use of temporary signals and lane closures will cause some delays to public transport and the general travelling public however, no diversions will be required.
  • Junction will be on temporary signals for duration of works and manually controlled by the Traffic Control Centre to try and mitigate impact of works. Any lane closures will be restricted to off-peak working 9.30am – 3pm to reduce the impact on rush hour traffic.