What is happening - road and cycleway resurfacing

Work is ongoing on the city centre cycle routes project on Canal Street (between Middle Hill and London Road), which aims to connect existing and new cycle lanes and make cycling through the city easier, safer and a more enjoyable experience is almost completed.

See a leaflet about the new City Centre cycleroutes.

We will have finished most of the construction works by the end of September and will return to resurface and carry out minor works mid- October following on from this. Below are the details of the resurfacing.

Resurfacing will take place on Canal Street between Middle Hill and London Road roundabout on the Nottingham One side. The resurfacing may have an impact on how local residents access their properties.

Canal Street lane closure between Middle Hill and London Road. Weekend daytimes 8am to 5pm

15th, 16th October 2022

 No eastbound vehicular movement towards London Road/BBC Island from Middle Hill

  • Traffic diverted via Middle Hill > Warser Gate > Bellar Gate
  • No left turn from Weekday Cross, No right turn from Low Pavement, No left turn from Pilcher Gate onto Middle Hill
  • Side roads on the Nottingham One side of Canal Street are to turn Left when exiting and side roads on the College side of Canal Street are to turn Right when exiting
  • Bus Stops along Canal Street will not be served during these hours & on these days
  • Traffic maintained heading westbound towards Middle Hill
Note to Editors


Lyndsey Morrison