What's happening?

We’re carrying out a range of improvements along the section of Derby Road between Balfour Road and Lenton Boulevard.

This will involve the conversion of two existing crossings to Toucan crossings, and one new Toucan crossing. We’ll also be widening three central refuges to make crossing the road easier.

Further details:

  • Upgrade the existing Puffin crossing between BaIfour Road and Harlaxton Drive to a Toucan crossing, which can be used by pedestrians and cyclists. As part of the upgrade the junction mouth of Harlaxton Drive will be narrowed slightly to accommodate the wider crossing area, and the footways linking to the crossing will be designated for shared use

Harlaxton Drive proposal

  • Introduce a Toucan crossing to the west of Derby Grove. The crossing will incorporate a controlled area shown by the zig-zag markings and will replace the existing double yellow lines on the inbound side and the limited waiting peak time restrictions on the outbound side. The footways linking to the crossing will be designated for shared use

Proposal near Derby Grove

  • Upgrade the existing Puffin crossing near Park Street to a Toucan crossing. As part of the upgrade, alterations will be made to increase the size of the central refuge and the footways linking to the crossing will be designated for shared use
  • Increase the bus stop clearway at LE09 to approximately 27 metres in length to hold two stationary buses. To accommodate the increase, the length of double yellow lines from Park Street in a north easterly direction will be reduced to approximately 20 metres

Proposals near Park Street

  • Increase the width and length of the central refuges near Cottesmore Road, Teversal Avenue and Rothesay Avenue to provide more space for groups of pedestrians to cross. Localised improvements to footways will also take place where feasible
  • A package of measures around the car park access to the Sainsbury’s Local store, including:
    – Reduce the width of the dropped kerb access and using a contrasting surface material to highlight the vehicular access
    – Provide green MMA surfacing and cycle symbols adjacent to the access
    – Introduce a right turn area within the central hatching
    – Dashed bus stop lane marking across the car park access
    – Introduce planters to deter footway parking and to green the space.

Why are we doing this?

The improvements are designed to provide better crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, and improved bus stop infrastructure, as well as altering the road layout at and around the Sainsbury’s car park access.

They will be funded using Transforming Cities Funding and the Active Travel Fund – a £2.5m grant secured from the Government to be spent on measures that make walking and cycling easier, and support a green recovery from Covid-19. The proposals were developed following feedback to the public consultations in 2021.

The works will support a range of measures recently implemented to improve road safety on Derby Road, including:

  • Average speed cameras between Canning Circus and Lenton Boulevard
  • Cycle awareness features at a number of the outbound side roads, including green surfacing and improved signing and lining.

Derby Road improvements

How will I be affected?

Temporary traffic management will be required during the works, which will include limiting access at the Park Street junction.

Signage will be in place to inform road users of what movements are allowed.