What's happening?

There have been a number of incidents with traffic exiting Arthur Street onto Waverley Street colliding with the tram or causing the tram to make an emergency stop. To help avoid this in future and keep the junction safe for all road users we will be making improvements.

  • The junction will be raised to slow oncoming traffic
  • The parking bays on Arthur Street will be moved away from the corner to give greater visibility at the junction
  • School keep clear lines will also be moved further down the street away from the junction.

Waverley Street

How will works affect traffic?

  • Arthur Street will be closed at the junction with Waverley Street for the duration of the works from 5-18 August
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained as much as possible, however there will be periods when working on the pavement when there may be a diversion via Gedling Grove
  • These works have been timed to coincide with NET’s tram track replacement works near to The Forest tram stop, which will require the temporary closure of Waverley Street at its junction with Forest Road. While this work takes place there will be no trams running between The Forest and Old Market Square. Further details of these works can be found on the NET website.