Scoot safely

E-scooter past building

As the daylight hours lengthen, the weather improves, and restrictions ease, it’s great to see more and more people giving e-scooters a go.

The e-scooters are part of a 12-month Government-backed trial, to see how this new mode of transport could work on our roads.

For everyone’s safety, we need people to ride responsibly and be considerate of others, just as you would if you were driving or riding a bike.

  • Ride sober – It might be tempting to hop on an e-scooter after a few drinks, but remember an e-scooter is a motor vehicle, and riding under the influence is illegal and dangerous. It could result in points on your driving licence, losing it entirely, or mean you can’t get one in the future
  • Park sensibly – Think of an e-scooter like a bike – riding on the pavement is illegal, and don’t leave them badly parked, where somewhere could trip over them, or where they might be in the way of wheelchairs and pushchairs. Where available, use the marked parking bays.
  • Stick to roads and cycle paths – E-scooters are allowed to go wherever you can go on a bike, so stick to the roads and cycle lanes. Be mindful of others, especially people who may not be able to see or hear the e-scooter. Use the bell provided before you go past, and make sure you keep a safe distance.

Thanks for riding responsibly, and happy scooting!

Nottingham City Council and scheme operator Wind Mobility have taken a number of measures to make the trial as safe as possible, and continue to refine our approach in response to comments and feedback.

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Photo: Jake Osborne