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Taxis are a great way to get exactly where you want. Hop in at a taxi rank or prearrange your taxi to get where you’re going.

What’s the difference between a hackney cab and a private hire vehicle?

They both get you where you want to go, don’t they? The one you choose may depend on where you are or what you’re doing though. Hackney cabs are the only taxis which can be hailed down from the roadside, whereas private hire vehicles are only permitted to pick up passengers with prearranged bookings.

Another difference is that hackney cabs can operate at any one of the many taxi ranks throughout Nottingham, compared to private hire only operating through bookings.

Hackney cabs are all disabled passenger friendly throughout Nottingham, whereas private hire vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure to check before you book to suit your needs.

Something the different types of taxis do have in common is that as well as private hire vehicles being required to prearrange bookings, it is also possible to pre-book a hackney cab up to four days in advance.

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Taxi on your phone

Have you been using the FREE NOW app? This offers a fast, safe and easy way to hail a hackney cab on your smart phone. Allowing convenient payment options for the rider, drivers can get back to driving without having to wait for pay and change, as well as providing an easy way for customers to tip the driver. Drivers will also benefit from picking up more passengers throughout their time in their cab as the app can alert them to nearby people waiting for a lift.

With this app, passengers can pre-book up to four days in advance, so the driver will know where their next passenger is in advance, as well as the passenger having the confidence that they will be able to get where they want to when they want to. Whether you plan your day around pre-books, split your time between street hails and app work, or work completely from the app – the app promises complete flexibility and convenience.

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Know your rights and stay safe in a taxi

• Where possible, pre-book your taxi using a reputable app, website, or by phone

• If you hail down a private hire vehicle on the street, you may not be covered by insurance

• For a hackney cab, your journey must be on the meter in Nottingham City Boundary, always ask for a fare estimate when booking a private hire vehicle, as not all have meters

• It’s illegal for a hackney cab to refuse a journey due to it being a short distance

• Check your private hire vehicle has a taxi license plate and the drivers badge is displayed

• If you’ve booked a vehicle, check the one you’re getting into is the one you’ve booked

• Hackney cabs will have the Nottingham City Council coat of arms displayed on both front door panels, Private Hire vehicles have a small plate inside on the vehicle windscreen with the words ‘Nottingham City Council’ on them

Know your rights and report any issues, call 0115 915 6571 or email

Taxi ranks in the city

There are multiple taxi ranks you can find throughout the city:

Taxi Ranks