Support available for hackney cab drivers to switch to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs)

Khalid, taxi driver holding the door to his taxi open

Try before you buy

What better way to know if a vehicle is right for you than driving it for yourself. With our vehicle loans, you can try out an LEVC cab for 30 days to see if it’s right for you.ULEV Taxi

Vehicle loans are free but we do ask for a £100 deposit which will be fully refunded if the vehicle is returned in satisfactory condition.

Vehicles will be insured through Collingwood Insurance, which will cover drivers for both hire and reward and public liability insurance.

ULEV Taxi Driver

For insurance eligibility, participants:

  • Must hold a full clean driving licence
  • Be a minimum of 25 years of age, and
  • Will need to pay a £250 excess should any accident occur.

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Charge points for cleaner cabs on the way

Taxi Charge Points

We were successful in securing £700,000 of funding from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles to install charge points. We have  been working to find suitable on-street locations in the city centre.

After a complex balancing act, we are very pleased to announce that the first charge points exclusively for ULEV Hackney cabs are now open.


You can now charge from:

  • Curzon Place
  • Canal Street
  • Victoria Embankment

We are still assessing a number of locations in the city centre for this project, which will soon also be under construction. Each location will have at least one rapid dedicated for hackney taxi charging.

More reasons to switch to an ULEV – financial offer

Taxi Charging

Hackney cab drivers making the switch to ULEVs can receive up to £3,464 to support your  transition. This includes contributions to:

  • Vehicle licence fees & MOT over 3 years
  • First year insurance
  • Standard vehicle livery
  • Meter installation
  • New home charge point or charging allowance

This is a limited time offer and available to the first 100 ULEV hackney taxi proprietors.

A number of Hackney cab drivers have already benefited from the Council’s financial support and feedback shows it’s made a big difference to help drivers switch!

There are many ways you can benefit, contact us for more information on how to apply.

Life in the hot seat of an ULEV Hackney cab driver

Taxi Driver

My name is Khalid Akram and I am a Nottingham ULEV hackney taxi driver. I have been in the trade for nearly 30 years but only recently switched to an ULEV taxi.

Taxi driving came very early into my life, I was only 19 and was still in college. My first cab was a Ford Cortina Mark 5 and I drove it for nearly 13 years  before having a change of heart and joining the retail business sector.

17 years later, in 2014, I came back to the trade and bought a TX2 diesel. I drove it until last year in July, when I got my new LEVC electric taxi.

Driving an ULEV Hackney Taxi has been an amazing experience for myself. It has given me a cleaner feeling in the driving seat whereas with my previous cab, I could often feel the fumes and the smell of diesel fuel inside the cab. In terms of noise, I don’t hear anything, it in fact feels like a room, which for health reasons is way better for me.

The financial savings are also important to me. I save at least 75% on fuel costs compared to my old diesel cab. The maximum I spend for 1000 miles is only £50 compared to £250 – £300 for diesel cabs.

The financial incentive from the council has also been beneficial . I have received £900 charging allowance which has been very helpful. The charging network is also growing and this made a big difference. I don’t have a driveway but I’ve been able to charge overnight at Queens Walk Community Centre and charge during the day at the rapid chargers near the rank.

Customers experience a great ride in an ULEV taxi. I have been complimented by most of my customers which makes me feel like I am driving a special taxi.

Driving an ULEV taxi makes me feel that I am personally helping the environment to reduce pollution and improve air quality.

Get in touch

For information on how to benefit from the support available to transition to ULEVs visit

Or contact Marshall Volvo: Nottingham LEVC, 503 Valley Road, Basford, Nottingham, NG5 1HZ

Marshall Volvo tel: 07794 529 982