Wind Mobility to offer coupons for frontline NHS and social care staff in Nottingham

Key worker e-scooter

To support frontline key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wind Mobility, which operates Nottingham City Council’s e-scooter trial, is introducing £25 coupons for NHS key workers and front line social care staff, that can be used to rent Wind e-scooters in Nottingham.

People who want to benefit from this offer can apply and the coupon will be added to their Wind accounts. The initiative is part of the “Helping Hands” programme Wind has launched across Europe to support those who commute to work every day during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NHS key workers are asked to create a Wind user account by downloading the app on their smartphones and sending an e-mail application from their work e-mail address to the Wind Customer Service Centre at The application should contain the mobile number associated to the Wind account, a photo copy of their work ID badge or a written confirmation of their key worker status from their place of work. Once verified, Wind Mobility will credit the user’s account with a £25 bonus balance. The balance can then be used towards renting one of the 450 pay-per-minute e-scooters that Wind has deployed to the streets of Nottingham as part of the e-scooter trial programme.

Lukasz Rybak, Nottingham City Manager at Wind: “While the current lockdown restrictions remain and must be followed, we want to ensure that our e-scooters are used where they are currently most needed. Not only healthcare workers and hospital staff but key workers all across the city still need to commute to work every day, deliver food and medicines, and provide home care to the most vulnerable. We want to offer a mode of transport that allows for social distancing, ensures safe journeys, and is tailored to the needs of our everyday heroes.

“This free credit offer for the pay-per-minute scooter scheme is in addition to the discounted monthly subscription that Nottingham City Council and Wind have been offering to key workers since the trial began. Within that scheme, key workers can apply for a private scooter lease for £30 per month.”

Councillor Adele Williams, Portfolio Holder for Transport at Nottingham City Council, said: “We’re incredibly appreciative of all our key workers who have carried us through the pandemic, and want to help as much we can. By offering a key worker e-scooter subscription and free voucher for NHS staff we can provide a convenient, green mode of transport to our frontline workers that takes them from their front door directly to their workplace, all while keeping socially distanced.

“This is a great opportunity for safe, affordable travel, and a chance to get to grips with transport modes of the future. Our e-scooter partnership with Wind, provided through the Government’s Future Transport Zones fund, enables us to gain understanding of emerging technologies that could change how we travel and lead to a greener future.”

The offer will be valid throughout the lockdown period and run until the end of May with the possibility to further extend the offer should lockdown restrictions remain in place. Wind is making 300 coupons per month available to key workers who can re-apply every month for another £25 coupon if they are running low on the bonus balance. The coupons cannot be used towards a subscription e-scooter and cannot be refunded for cash.

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