Workplace Travel Service Revamped

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The Workplace Travel Service (WTS) started in 2018 with Go Ultra Low Cities funding. The WTS has worked with around 200 businesses and organisations to support and encourage sustainable travel choices. We’re now updating and refreshing our offer to enhance the experience and create a wider range of possibilities for businesses to increase their sustainability.

What the WTS has achieved!

Our WTS offered up to £25,000 financial support to help meet the costs of workplace travel improvements. These grants have been utilised by 60 businesses, supporting the installation of 182 charge points, 38 ebikes, 36 cycle shelters, and 72 lockers.  Find out from Nottingham businesses how easy it is to apply by clicking on this video.

Through our WTS ULEV Experience, ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV) loans were available for businesses to trial a fleet of ten ultra low emission vehicles. This included vehicles such as the Renault ZOE and the Nissan eNV200, giving businesses the chance to try out electric charging and the feel of driving in a sustainable vehicle. 75 loans across 41 organisations were delivered, resulting in 29 new ULEV purchases.

Man charging EV with WTS charge point

Istvan Sereg, Energy Manager at the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust said: “The ULEV Experience has been a real enabler to start our fleet on an electric journey. The trial proved to be very positive for the drivers, and EVs deliver environmental and financial benefits, so it was an easy decision to start the transition of the fleet to electric. And because the Trust is using 100% renewable electricity, there is even less environmental impact from the electric vehicles.”

Delivered by Cenex and the Energy Saving Trust, our fully funded fleet reviews provided a focused overview of the economic and environmental consequences of implementing low emission vehicle technology within a business. 34 fleet reviews were delivered, reviewing 4,385 vehicles and finding that 673 could be replaced with ULEVs. Together these replacements could save an annual 1,008 tonnes of carbon emissions and a financial saving of £269,492 for the businesses.

Events were delivered by CleanTech Business and RideWise to inform and educate local businesses on the environmental and economic benefits of ULEVs. 23 events attended by 619 delegates were held including Clinics, Ride and Drives, EV Roadshows, Business and Public Engagement events, and an Evening Business Networking Reception.

WTS – Back to the Future

We’re introducing a brand new Electric Van Experience (EVE). Our new and improved vehicle loans will give businesses the chance to loan from a fleet of 50 new vans. Coming soon the service will be up and running by autumn 2020. We will have a range of electric van sizes, capacities and bodies, including large vans such as the Maxus eDelivery and smaller vans such as the popular Nissan eNV200, including some cars. The vehicles will be maintained, serviced and valeted to Covid-19 standards at Nottingham’s brand new Electric Vehicle Service Centre (NEVS).

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On top of our Electric Van Experience, we’ll be providing eight of our all new eCargo bikes for businesses to trial for up to three months. These are a cost efficient, zero emission way to transport cargo, offering a quick and versatile means of transportation that’s good for your health and for the environment.

Our popular grants are continuing. You’ll still be able to apply for grants for ULEV support, active travel, and parking management.

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