Construction underway for Wireless Charging of Electric Taxis (WiCET) trial

July 28, 2022

Construction has now begun on Trent Street to trial new wireless charging for hackney cabs situated in the rank nearby Nottingham Station. The project will be a UK first to trial wireless technology with electric taxis!

The WiCET project is a UK first involving both London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) and Nissan Dynamo electric taxis, placing Nottingham at the forefront of green technology innovation.

Five wireless charging ground pads are being installed in the coming weeks whilst nine electric and hybrid taxis have been fitted with wireless charging equipment.

Local drivers will be able to use these vehicles to charge wirelessly and provide feedback to the project team to help understand the real-world feasibility of wireless charging and to help develop the technology further. Sign ups are now open for local hackney cab drivers who wish to take part in the trial and receive a free loan of a wireless charging taxi for 30-60 days.

It is hoped that taxi drivers will top up their charge throughout the day while they wait for customers. This will significantly reduce down time spent away from the rank using plug in chargers whilst encouraging the shift to electric taxi adoption to improve local air quality, reduce noise pollution and carbon emissions in the city. The trial is set to start later in the summer 2022.

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