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Workplace Travel Grants for businesses and organisations 

Our Workplace Travel Service can help save money, reduce staff travel costs, improve staff health, fitness, and wellbeing and reduce local road congestion. Our specialist travel advisor can help your business or organisation fund sustainable transport infrastructure. Contact us using the Expression of Interest form at the bottom of this page. 

Alex Dalton of Dalton Wadkins with their new secure cycle shelter

Sat Bains with his grant funded EV chargers

How we can help

  •  Grants – Up to £25,000 up for grabs to help your business or organisation improve your workplace travel options by introducing eCargo bikes, cycle shelters, showers for cyclists and electric vehicle charging points. 
  •  ParticipationBy receiving support from our active travel provider Sustrans will help you deliver workplace travel events, Bike Doctor and cycle maintenance, staff personal travel plans from home to workplace; Cycle buddying to and from work, group walks and rides and travel champion training.


Your business, charity or public sector organisation could benefit from up to £25,000 to help meet the costs of green workplace travel improvements. 

There’s many benefits promoting active and sustainable travel in the workplace, such as reduced travel costs, a healthier, more productive workforce, lower carbon emissions and local pollution, a greener reputation, less congestion and fewer car parking issues.  

If your application is successful businesses get 75% of the net costs. Public, voluntary sector, and charity groups can apply for 100%  funded grants.

Bridgeway Consulting with their new EV charger

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust benefitted from a cycle shelter and shower facilities

Who qualifies?   

  • You must be inside Nottingham City Council’s boundary  – Check here to find out if you’re inside the boundary. 
  • Businesses and organisations of any size   
  • Public sector organisations including Health and Social Care, medical centres, hospitals and emergency services 
  • Charity and voluntary organisations
  • Faith groups 

What will the grant support? 

You can spend your grant on helping staff choose more sustainable ways to travel to work. 

Cycling and Walking 

  • Cycle parking and shelters (including CCTV and shelter lighting) 
  • Shower/changing/drying facilities 
  • Pool bikes (including electric pool bikes) 
  • Personal safety/security equipment 
  • e-Cargo bikes 

Public Transport 

  • Workplace real-time display screens 

Electric Vehicle (EV) Support 

  •  EV charge points post or wall mounted- with or without tethered cables, up to 22kw (must meet minimum technical standard) 
  • Installation costs e.g. grid connection, civil works, concrete base and crash barriers 
  • Signage and bay marking related to charge point installs 
  • Bollards or guards protecting charge point/s from damage, e.g. reversing vehicles 
  • Charging cables.  We will fund Type 1 or Type 2 cables. We won’t fund 3-Pin plug cables
  • Back office connection to the Charge point Management System, including RFID cards/access devices  
  • 3 year warranty (an essential requirement for all charge point installations under this scheme) 
  • 1 year data costs (3 years required) 
  • Electric car club supportive infrastructure e.g. signs, markings, bollards 

Parking Management 

  • Car parking infrastructure e.g. barrier controls, signage (excludes perimeter fencing) 

What won’t the grant support? 

  • Laptops or PCs 
  • Fitbits or similar 
  • Purchasing/leasing cars, vans or minibuses 
  • Maintenance of travel infrastructure provided through the grant scheme 
  • Utility packages associated with travel infrastructure purchased through the grant scheme e.g. line rental and data package for real-time information, electricity bills 
  • Staffing parking management measures e.g. security guards, car park attendants 

Who’s already benefitted from a grant?  

Many local businesses including Restaurant Sat Bains, DG Cars, Holiday Inn Nottingham, AW Lymn, Trent Fireplaces and A.N. Wallis & Co have all benefitted from grants to help install EV chargers, secure bike parking and other green travel improvements.  

Sat Bains, said: “We were happy to jump on this opportunity to help with the installation costs of EV charging points. The process was simple with plenty of support from the team.” 

Nottingham Hockey Centre said: “The application process was quick and straightforward, with support and guidance when needed.”

We’ve also worked with local public sector, charity and NHS groups including Nottingham University Hospitals, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, Bilborough College and Nottingham Energy Partnership. 

Secure cycle shelters at Nottingham Hockey Centre

New shower facilities at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Next Steps? Express interest and a friendly member of staff will be in touch 

  • Submit an expression of interest   
  • The Council then provides information about how to apply   
  • A decision panel meets monthly to award grants    
  • A decision’s made within a month to six weeks   


How can the Council afford grants?  

These grants are funded from Government’s Local Transport Plan and Nottingham’s Workplace Parking Levy, which means businesses and organisations in Nottingham are supported with sustainable workplace travel improvements at no cost to the Council  

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