Nottingham is now on its way to become carbon neutral by 2028. We have been working to make our city greener through different transport projects such as wireless charging electric taxis, e-scooters and creating a new electric vehicle charging network. Our electric vehicle fleet helps us do our part to be a sustainable transport system.

Nottingham secured the title of a Future Transport Zone and has been granted £16.7m by the Department for Transport (DfT) which will be invested into encouraging the use of public transport and clean modes of mobility.

What are we doing?

In a bid to improve air quality and create a more sustainable environment, the City Council is undertaking a range of actions using funding from the Office for Low Emissions:

Why are we doing it?

To support an environment that will help to reduce carbon and nitrogen dioxide impacts of transport and support economic growth. These measures will help to provide cleaner air, improving the quality of residents’ lives and delivering the council’s ambition to become a self-sufficient energy city.

Background information:

In March 2020, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced that Nottingham, partnered with Nottinghamshire County Council and Derby City Council, was one of the 18 Transforming Cities fund regions. As a result, £16.7m of funding has been made available to support measures across the Nottingham and Derby areas to help introduce new transport initiatives.