Policy for the use of Barriers on Rights of Way

Person riding through right of way barrier

In Nottingham, the local rights of way network (footpaths, bridleways and cycle paths) suffers abuse from off-road motorcycles and quad bikes which disrupt the community and cause safety concerns.

In order to address these issues barriers have been installed at a number of known “hot spots”. Although this approach has been reasonably successful, barriers have also compromised, and in some cases actually stopped, legitimate users using their preferred routes. The challenge for the Council is to identify a solution that deters motorcycles and quad bikes whilst maintaining adequate and safe access for all legitimate users.

In 2012, the Council adopted its first Barrier Policy which continues to provide a consistent evidence based approach for considering requests for barriers, based on principles of fairness, reasonableness and proportionality. Due to changes in legislation, design standards and good practice, the 2012 Policy is being reviewed and updated.