New Bollards at Victoria Embankment - May 2023

Victoria Embankment


Permanent gates and bollards have been installed along Victoria Embankment to make the park a safer and more attractive environment to enjoy. Gates and bollards were initially deployed to promote active travel during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following an extesnsive consultation these measures were made permenant. The barriers have removed 4,000 vehicle journeys through the park. It has resulted in a quieter area for individuals of all ages to enjoy walking, wheeling and cycling.


Beechdale and Wigman

We are upgrading facilities along Beechdale Road, Hollington Road and Wigman Road to create a safer environment for people walking and cycling.

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Carlton Road Cycle Schemes

You may have already used the new crossing facility installed at the bottom of Porchester Road. We are now looking to provide enhanced cycle and crossing facilities along Carlton Road and connect to this crossing.

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Cross City Cycle Routes

In January 2024 work commenced on the Fisher Gate/Pennyfoot Street/ Parliament Street junction.

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