Carlton Road Cycle Schemes

Artistic impression of cycle lane

The Transforming Cities Fund £161m package of schemes will strengthen connections between major employment sites, upgrade public transport, and improve options for people on foot or bike across Nottingham, including investment into your local area along and around Carlton Road.

You may have already used the new crossing facility installed at the bottom of Porchester Road. We are now looking to provide enhanced cycle and crossing facilities along Carlton Road and connect to this crossing.

We want to hear your views and design the scheme to take these into account. We have just over £1,000,000 which, whilst a lot of funding, is not sufficient to deliver the full corridor. This means some of the works will start this year, and then we will then seek further funding to undertake the next phases.

If you would like to send any comments on this please contact us by 28 June. Please email or call Keith Morgan on 07929667400.

Carlton Road cycle schemes map:

Map showing proposals for Carlton Road

The first phase of works is shown in green and we are looking to start construction in September 2022. This will incorporate junction and crossing improvements for pedestrians and cyclists as well as cycle lanes through a design that will provide a ‘stepped cycle track’. This design allows cyclists to be higher than the carriageway, but lower than the footway and provides space for all users to safely move through the area.

We have chosen this as the first phase as it can connect with existing bus lane provision or quiet route along Windmill Lane and enhances the existing cycle route on Carlton Road. We will follow up with a Traffic Regulation Order consultation prior to starting works on site.

Plans and drawings

Example of detailed design for Phase 1:

Plan for Carlton Road cycle track around back of bus stop and across side roads

The area of works for Phase 1:

Plan showing extent of phase 1 of Carlton Road cycle track

Visuals of the scheme:

Artistic impression of cycle lane Artistic impression of cycle lane with pedestrian crossing Artistic impression of cycle lane passing side roads Artistic impression of cycle lane