City Centre Cycle Routes

New cycle route on Fisher Gate

Overnight resurfacing works

Works start on the night of Sunday 7 April 2024 and will take place overnight Monday to Friday 10pm to 6am for four weeks. Road closures will be in place with signed diversions. Works detail and diversion maps can be found here.

Works on Lower Parliament Street

From Tuesday 9 April for 12 weeks, so until the beginning of July, works will begin on Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham at its junctions with Pennyfoot Street and Fisher Gate, to:

  • refurbish traffic lights and install new cycle crossing phases
  • improving the road surface

During these works, temporary 4-way traffic signals with two pedestrian phases will replicate the existing crossing phases, at Fishergate, North to South and Lower Parliament Street, East to West.

Completed sections of the project

In January 2024 work commenced on the Fisher Gate/Pennyfoot Street/ Parliament Street junction.

Map showing improvements to Parliament Street junction

Lower Parliament Street Junction

Works will commence from 8 January 2024 to:

  • Install new traffic signals at the junction of Lower Parliament Street with Pennyfoot Street and Fisher Gate
  • The new traffic signals will provide pedestrian crossings on all four arms of the junction (there are currently only signalled crossings on two of the arms)
  • A dedicated signal controlled cycle crossing will be provided through the middle of the junction linking with the new cycle lane on Fisher Gate and the connections at the Island Quarter and Bio City
  • Improve the footways around the junction

The works will involve:

  • The removal of the permanent traffic signals and replacement with temporary traffic signals that will duplicate the existing ones.
  • Off-peak lane closures (9.30am – 3.30pm) on Lower Parliament Street, Fisher Gate and Pennyfoot Street as works move around the junction.
  • The temporary suspension of the Pay and Display parking on Lower Parliament Street.

Map showing the next phase of cycle route construction along Hollowstone, Fisher Gate

Works include:

  • Installing a new toucan crossing on Hollowstone.
  • Creating a shared footway and cycleway on Hollowstone, between London Road and Hollowstone.
  • Reallocating road space, including the removal of parking, to provide a segregated cycleway along Fisher Gate, linking with the new facility from London Road Island.
  • Accommodation works at the Fisher Gate entrance/exit into Carter Gate.
  • Resurfacing footways, where required.
  • Resurfacing the road and installing new lining (This will take place in 2024).

London Road roundabout works – now complete

Works began on 19 June, for approximately 24 weeks.

Works include:

  • Reallocating roadspace to provide a segregated cycleway from Canal Street heading towards Bellar Gate
  • New traffic signal equipment including signalised pedestrian and cycle crossings
  • Improvements to footways
  • Resurfacing the road and installing new lining

The works involve:

  • A mix of permanent and off-peak lane closures
  • Existing traffic signals replaced with temporary traffic signals
  • Pedestrian crossings maintained, where possible, or diversions to alternative crossing points

Temporary traffic signals are being monitored and changes being made to timings/layout to improve the traffic flow as we are continuing to experience queues at peak times. The temporary signals will be upgraded to permanent ones in November 2023. Final aspects of resurfacing and landscaping will be completed in Spring 2024.

Station Street/London Road junction works

Works took place through 2023 to:

  • Dedicated segregated cycleway from London Road junction to join the recently completed Station Street cycleway
  • Dedicated marked on- road cycleway for east/west cycle movements across the junction
  • Right turn for cyclists facility (see below for further details)
  • Signal pedestrian and cycle crossings on all arms of the junction
  • Junction and footpath resurfacing

The junction uses a two stage turn arrangement to enable cyclists to turn right without having to move to the centre of the carriageway. This means as cyclists approach the junction from any of the four directions, they arrive at the junction on the carriageway rather than the new segregated facilities and can make a right-turn onto London Road, Station Street or Great Northern Close, a move banned for motor traffic.

Cyclists need to pull into an area of the carriageway in advance of the stop line and pedestrian crossing on their left, turn and face the direction of travel, and to wait there until that junction approach has a green cycle signal. At that point, cyclists travel forwards to complete their right turn. The waiting area will be indicated by cycle symbols and a right turn arrow once surfacing works are completed in autumn 2023.