City Centre Cycle Routes

A lady cycling through a green cycle signal on the new cycle lane on Canal Street

Works will take place to make the following improvements from January 2023 for 21 weeks:

  • Dedicated segregated cycleway from London Road junction to join the recently completed Station Street cycleway
  • Dedicated marked on- road cycleway for east/west cycle movements across the junction
  • Right turn for cyclists facility (see below for further details)
  • Signal pedestrian and cycle crossings on all arms of the junction
  • Junction and footpath resurfacing

The junction will use a two stage turn arrangement to enable cyclists to turn right without having to move to the centre of the carriageway. This has been provided where cyclists arrive at the junction on the carriageway rather than the new segregated facilities and need to make a move banned for motor traffic.

Cyclists will need to pull into an area of the carriageway in advance of the stop line and pedestrian crossing on their left, turn and face the direction of travel, and to wait there until that junction approach has a green signal. At that point, cyclists travel forwards to complete their right turn. The waiting area is indicated by cycle symbols and a right turn arrow.

Update 20 April 2023

Works are progressing well at the Station Street/London Road junction.

Work on the north-west corner (Leonardo Hotel) footway are complete and works are focused on finishing off the footway on the south-west corner.

This week works have also commenced on the south east corner (at the junction with Great Northern Close). A section of the nearside outbound lane has been closed while works take place and pedestrians are being diverted as the footway is closed.

Following completion of footway works, there will be planting, junction surfacing, lining and commissioning of the new signalled junction will take place.

Works are expected to move onto the London Road Island area in June 2023.