Colwick Country Park Access Improvements – complete!

Nottingham City Council has completed major improvements to footpaths at Colwick Country Park.  

The project, paid for through funding secured from the Transforming Cities and European Regional Development Funds, began in September 2022 and finished ahead of schedule in mid-August 2023. 

Colwick Country Park is one of Nottingham’s most beautiful and popular parks, with its large lake, woodland, marina and wildlife areas and is now more accessible than ever, will also providing a connection to the new pedestrian / cycle bridge over the River Trent, which is being constructed at Trent Basin.

The popular walk around the lake became extremely muddy at times particularly during the winter months, making it difficult for park users, including Colwick parkrunners, and impossible for those using pushchairs, wheelchairs or bikes. 

It was planned that the project could add 1.5km of paved footpaths, improving access and use of the park for wheelchair users, pushchair users and cyclists, but Nottingham City Council have now completed over 4.5k of footpaths using the funding, after seeing the impact and positive feedback that resulted. 

The new paths are 3 metres wide, giving enough room for cyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair users and pushchair users to enjoy the park. 


Phase 1: Improving western access into Colwick Park

The first phase of the scheme improved access into Colwick Country Park from the west for pedestrians, wheelchair users and cyclists by constructing a new 3m wide multiuser path. A section of new path was constructed adjacent to Racecourse Road and another section of new path was constructed on an existing informal path through the park. Resurfacing and widening works were also carried out to existing paths around the southern edge of West Lake.

This phase of the scheme provided over 400m of new path and approximately 1,200m of resurfaced/improved path. Work started in mid-September and was completed in late January 2023.

Phase 1 map

Phase 2: Colwick Park Path Improvements – western paths

The second phase of the scheme involved resurfacing and widening works to the western paths in Colwick Country Park. Improvements will be carried out on paths around the eastern, western and southern edges of West Lake to create a loop of surfaced path around the lake. The scheme also improved access to the accessible fishing pegs and the pontoons.

This phase of the scheme provided 750m of resurfaced/improved path. Work started at the end of January 2023 and was completed in mid-March.

Phase 2 map

Phase 3: Colwick Park Path Improvements – eastern paths

The penultimate element of the scheme involved resurfacing and widening works to the eastern paths in Colwick Country Park and the construction of a new section of path adjacent to River Road to separate pedestrians and cyclists from vehicles. These improvements create a surfaced route through the Colwick Country Park to connect to the riverside paths and the new pedestrian cycle bridge. The paths connecting West Lake and Main Lake have been improved, alongside further access improvements from Racecourse Road.

This phase of the scheme provides a further 1.9km of path improvements; 315m of new path and 1,600m of improved / resurfaced path. Work started in mid-March 2023 and was completed August 2023.

Phase 3 map
Phase 4 map

Phase 4: Colwick Park Path Improvements – eastern path and public toilet access improvements

The final element of the scheme involves resurfacing and widening works to the path in the south-eastern corner of Colwick Lake, behind the Environment Agency compound and access improvement works around the public toilets. This phase of the scheme will provide approximately a further 400m of path improvements. Work started in July 2023 and finished at the end of July.

We would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout the programme of path improvements.