Encouraging Active Travel

Encouraging active travel

The proposals to encourage walking and cycling cover four key areas:

City centre connections and public realm

Broad Marsh and Nottingham Station
Work has begun on significant public realm and pedestrian area improvements, focusing on enhancing walking links and the attractiveness of Nottingham Station, Broad Marsh Bus Station, and the Nottingham College City Hub.

At the same time, this presents the opportunity to connect three of Nottingham’s recently completed segregated cycle routes to the west, east and south of the city, plugging a major gap in the cycle network and cross-city routes.

Toll House Hill area
Cycling and walking improvements will support regeneration proposals around Toll House Hill roundabout, known as West Point, and the castle renovation.

Linking Nottingham, Derby and East Midlands Airport

Cross-boundary cycle routes will be delivered in partnership with Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire County
Councils to establish continuous high-quality routes:

  • between Derby and Nottingham (linking Beeston/Long Eaton/Spondon along the A6005 corridor).
  • Between Derby and East Midlands Airport (via the Derby Canal Path) and Nottingham and East Midlands Airport (via
    the old A453 and East Midlands Gateway employment/distribution zone, including links to university campuses at
    Clifton and Sutton Bonington). We are looking to promote the longer routes as e-bike expressways, supported by the introduction of extensive bike hire schemes in Derby and Nottingham.

Improving cycling corridors across the City

We will expand Nottingham’s safe and segregated cycle route network based on the LCWIP prioritisation, including:

  • Delivering the Northern Cycle Corridor along Mansfield Road to Hucknall
  • Improving the Hucknall Road cycle corridor
  • Upgrading existing river/canal side routes including linking National Cycle Network Route NCN6 with NCN15, including a major upgrade of the Queens Drive cycle route with connections to Thane Road and the Boots Enterprise Zone
  • Wigman Road and Beechdale Road corridor – cycle lane, public realm and pedestrian improvements close to the Harvey Hadden cycling circuit, and extending dedicated off-carriageway cycle lanes out to housing/employment growth areas in north and east Nottingham
  • A6514 Ring Road – continuing a major off road cycle orbital linking key radial routes
  • To the east of the city, building on work started with the Emergency Active Travel Fund to enhance the cycle and pedestrian facilities along St Anns Wells Road and Carlton Road.

On-street bike hire

We will reintroduce an e-bike hire scheme in Derby, which proved extremely popular. To start, this will focus on providing bikes in local communities and with the university. A citywide bike hire operation in Nottingham including e-bikes is proposed to replace the small scale on street scheme, which is currently focussed on the two universities and the city centre. The service in both cities will be operated by the private sector with major funding of the bikes and infrastructure from the Transforming Cities Fund.

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