Electric scooter rental trial

E-scooter at Trent Bridge

Electric scooter rental trial

More than 700 electric scooters (e-scooters) are available for both short-term and long-term hire in Nottingham, as part of a Government-backed trial.

E-scooters offer the potential for convenient, fun, clean and affordable travel, reduce reliance on car trips and lower harmful emissions.

Our rental scheme, operated by Wind Mobility, aims to support key workers and people getting back to work in both Nottingham and Derby, during a 12-month trial period that began on 27 October 2020.  The trial has since been extended until November 2022, in line with other schemes happening across the country.

Key workers can hire an e-scooter at a discounted rate of £30 per month through a special take home service complete with helmet and charging cable. Full training will be provided during handover. Free maintenance checks can be booked to ensure the e-scooter remains in good condition.

Short-term rental is also available, with e-scooters available across the city for just 12p per minute.

The aim of the scheme is to test the new form of transport to see how it works in practice, and whether it could offer a greener way to travel around the city in the future.

As part of the response to Covid-19, the Department for Transport (DfT) has made changes that allow these e-scooters to be used on public roads, using the same road space as cyclists. These changes only apply to DfT-approved schemes. It is still illegal to ride any other e-scooter on public roads.

Can I take part?

 Anyone wanting to hire an e-scooter must:

  • be more than 16 years old
  • hold at least a provisional driving licence.

Short term pay per minute rental is available to everyone meeting the above criteria.

To hire the e-scooters on short term rental you need to download the Wind Mobility app on your phone:
– On iPhones
– On Android

No keys, cash, ID cards, or deposits needed. After just a few clicks on the app, you can immediately hop on and enjoy your ride.

How do I use an e-scooter?

1. Download the WIND app
2. Open the app and search for nearby E-Scooters
3. Scan the QR code to unlock.
4. Enjoy your ride, follow local regulations, use bike lanes where available, and do not ride on pavements.
5. Reach your destination and “End Ride” in the app. Park correctly and make sure the vehicle is not obstructing others.

Download the app and enjoy your ride!


The take home yearly hire of an e-scooter is only available to key workers who live and work in the city, and applicants will need to provide evidence of this during sign up. Long term users will be given a 3-pin charging cable to enable charging at home or work, helmet, and will also be able to book free maintenance checks.

Make an expression of interest using the key worker long term rental sign up form.

Your details will be verified by the Wind Mobility team before getting in touch with you about the next steps and booking an appointment to collect your e-scooter from a city centre location, or have it delivered to your work or home address for free!

How much does it cost?

On-street hire costs 12p per minute (inclusive of VAT).

Key workers can rent an e-scooter for £30 a month inclusive of VAT, plus a £50 deposit which is fully refundable when the e-scooter is returned.

Where can I ride the e-scooter?

 The map below shows where you can ride electric scooters. The e-scooters will not work outside the Nottingham City Council boundary.

E-scooter Go Slow & No Go Zones map

  • Riding an e-scooter on a pavement is illegal
  • Riding is permitted anywhere cycles are allowed
  • For your own safety, don’t ride on roads with a speed limit above 30mph, unless there is a segregated cycle route
  • Only one person per e-scooter
  • You are encouraged to wear a helmet
  • Watch out for pedestrians and other road users who may not be used to seeing e-scooters

Is it safe?

 The safety of both participants and other road users has been a key consideration. We’ve learned lessons from pilot schemes elsewhere, and this trial has safety built in:

  • Wind Mobility has numerous safeguards in place, including ‘geo-fencing’, which will allow where e-scooters can be used, and will limit e-scooters to 4mph in the city centre for the safety of riders and pedestrians. This technology means the e-scooters won’t operate outside Nottingham City Council boundaries
  • Wind Mobility will provide individual or group training to users, and driver licence checks will include a two-stage verification process to minimise fraudulent sign ups
  • The e-scooters themselves have several safety features, not least the fact they are bright yellow so can easily be seen. They also include a bell, lights, hands-free phone holder and integrated helmet that can be stored on the vehicle
  • The e-scooters also have built-in hand sanitiser dispensers so users can clean the touch points before and after riding
  • Each scooter will be GPS tracked so, should any abuse be reported, Wind Mobility will be able to locate the user. Both Wind and the City Council have worked with the police and Community Protection to support enforcement
  • A 24-hour customer support line is in place to enable people to report issues, abandoned e-scooters, riding on pavements or other incidents
  • Free maintenance checks will also be offered to long-term users to ensure the vehicles remain in good condition

Safety risks will be regularly reviewed throughout the trial.

Dangerous riding, riding on pavements or abandoned e-scooters can be reported 24 hours a day to 0330 1 33 32 31 or by emailing customer.uk@wind.co 


Nottingham City Council was named one of the Government’s Future Transport Zones in March 2020.

The Future Transport Zone funding is all about testing emerging technologies that could provide greener travel options in the future. This has become especially important as we plan our recovery from Covid-19 and try to encourage people to travel in different ways while social distancing is in place.

This trial period will support our response to Covid-19, while providing an opportunity to gain more understanding of the possible solutions to achieve our longer term ambitions, including becoming carbon neutral by 2028.

A copy of the experimental traffic regulation order in place permitting the use of these e-scooters on public roads is available to download below, along with a copy of the Equality Impact and Risk Assessments developed to address safety issues.

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