Streets for People

Streets for people

Nottingham City Council has approved £11million of improvements to make our neighbourhoods greener, safer, better places to get around.

In 2021, the council successfully bid as part of a competitive process for £18 million from the Government’s Levelling Up fund to improve streets and local town centres, and make walking and cycling easier and safer.

The money will be used to make some exciting changes in the next two years, with the biggest chunk of money going to the Streets for People programme.

The funding will be split between each ward, with areas most in need getting more funding. The works have been identified by local people and prioritised by ward councillors, and are due to be completed by March 2024.

Our transport teams will be:

  • Upgrading pavements and walkways to make them safer, especially taking into consideration the needs of older people and those with less mobility
  • Repairs to roads and cycle paths to help us improve traffic flow and safety, across all twenty wards


Fully resurfacing a road is the complete replacement of the road surface. This can take between a few days or weeks depending on the length of road being resurfaced.