Wireless Charging Electric Taxis (WiCET)

The WiCET project is a trial to assess the viability of wireless charging electric hackney cabs.

5 wireless charging pads will be installed at the Trent Street rank and 9 vehicles will be fitted with wireless charging hardware.

These vehicles will be loaned to local drivers for them to experience the technology. While the council and its project partners will closely monitor the trial and take learnings forward to future wireless charging projects.

Wireless charging has many benefits which we hope to demonstrate throughout the trial. These include:

  • Reducing street clutter – With no cables required and the wireless charging equipment built into the road surface
  • Easy and convenient charging – Drivers will be able to start a charge by driving over the pad without needing to leave their vehicle
  • Time saving – Drivers will be able to charge their taxi at the rank whilst waiting for passengers. Instead of having to leave the rank and charge at a plug-in charger elsewhere in the city.

It is hoped these benefits will encourage the adoption of electric taxis in the city. Which will lead to a reduction in emissions and help the city to achieve its carbon neutral by 2028 target.

If you would like to learn more about the project or you are a taxi driver interested in taking part in the trial yourself then please click here.