We are pleased that the Department for Transport has provided support for Nottingham Express Transit (NET), which like all public transport has seen a significant fall in passengers since the first lockdown was imposed. More than £19.1 million of support has been provided for the period between March 2020 and April 2021, allowing the service to continue for people to make essential journeys, such as to work and to the QMC.

NET is currently operating the full timetable that was in place in 2019 (before the pandemic). Please check their website for the latest information.

Over 32km of track make up Nottingham’s tram network and each of Nottingham’s trams carry the equivalent of nearly three double-decker buses or 170 cars – helping to keep the roads free of congestion.

20 of the 30 largest employers in the city are within 800m of a tram stop, and over 5,000 free car parking spaces are available across seven park & ride sites.

As well as providing easy access to the city for commuters, the tram also connects key destinations such as Old Market Square, Royal Centre, Nottingham Trent University, the University of Nottingham and the Queen’s Medical Centre.

Nottingham’s trams are operated by Nottingham Express Transit (NET). Visit the NET Website for more information.